Corinthians House Group Home

American Home Finding Association’s

Foster Group Care program started in 2017.


Corinthians House Group Home

The Corinthians House is an eight-bed licensed comprehensive group care facility that serves adolescent youth, males and females who are involved with the Department of Human Service or Juvenile Court Services. Corinthians House focuses on teaching residents coping skills for managing their emotions, decisions, and interactions with others. Staff provide a safe environment, using encouragement and positive interactions as a primary tool to promote respect and healing from traumatic events that have occurred in each child’s life. Corinthians House bases their philosophy on Risking Connections which is an Evidence-based Model rooted in trauma-informed treatment.

For more information contact:

Jenna Burgin, Director

Address: 6971 Ashland Road Agency IA, 52530

Phone: 641-937-5213
Fax: 641-937-5273