Maternal & Child Health Services

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) programs promote the development of local systems of health care for pregnant women, children from birth through age 21 and their families.  MCH programs provide services that are family-centered, community-based, collaborative, comprehensive, flexible, coordinated, culturally competent and developmentally appropriate.  MCH programs promote the core public health functions of assessment, policy development and assurance.

The purpose of the MCH services are to:

  • Promote the health of mothers and children by ensuring access to quality MCH services, especially for low-income families or families with limited availability of health services, including oral health care;
  • Reduce infant mortality and the incidence of preventable diseases and handicapping conditions;
  • Increase the number of children appropriately immunized against disease; and
  • Promote the development of community-based systems of health care, including oral health care for pregnant women, children and their families.
 for more information contact:
Maternal Health Coordinator: Autumn Thompson
Child Health Coordinator: Katy Gottschalk
 phone: 641-682-8784  or  1-800-452-1098