As the parent of a child who may encounter a Foster Grandparent at child care or school, you may have questions regarding their presence in your child’s classroom.  Before these volunteers are allowed in the classroom they receive 40 hours of training, 20 with the Program Director and 20 hours of job shadowing with an experienced Foster Grandparent.

These volunteers are always supervised by a teacher and are not left alone with children.  They are not allowed to assist children in using the toilet or to change diapers.

Each volunteer has had a criminal background check, a child abuse background check and has their fingerprints checked by the FBI.

Foster Grandparents are not allowed to discipline a child, that is the school/childcare provider’s responsibility.

Our volunteers are present and assist children with pre-reading and reading skills.  They may also play games, help with homework, and read stories.

You may encounter a volunteer in public and your child may address them as Grandma “Mary” or Grandpa “Chuck”; rest assured they can never replace a biological grandparent, but can offer unconditional love and patience in the absence of their “real grandma or grandpa.”

The Foster Grandparent volunteers attend monthly in-service sessions where they learn about child development, childhood diseases, and children with disabilities.  They also learn about opportunities available in the community that they or their family may benefit from. The volunteers earn a small stipend for their efforts to offset the cost of volunteering.


 For more information contact:

Clay Courtney, Program Director
PO Box 656
217 East 5th Street
Ottumwa IA 52501
Phone: 641-682-3449