American Home Finding’ Association’s Emergency Shelter Care program started in 1979.  The current facility was built in Agency, Iowa in 1990.

Emergency Shelter Care is designed to service up to 15 individuals and is a licensed co-ed facility.  Residents at the Shelter are school age up to 18 years of age.  These individuals are placed due to a family or personal crisis.

The average stay is less than 30 days while the family, social worker and/or juvenile court considers placements options.

Families and youth can make a self-referral, however appropriate written authorization must be obtained from a parent, guardian, or juvenile court in order to remain.  The Shelter is funded through a contract with the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Residents are given daily responsibilities, participate in group discussions, have planned recreational  activities, and attend school when in session.

All residents are required to attend school unless they  have a diploma or GED.

Family members are welcome to visit and are asked to please call staff 24 hours before coming to the Shelter.  Visitation is expected to be courteous and follow staff suggestions as residents earn the privilege for off grounds visits.

Medical/Dental Emergencies:

In an emergency situation, every effort will be made to contact the parent or guardian as soon as possible.

For more information contact:
Judy Davidson, Director
Phone: 641-937-5272
Fax: 641-937-5273